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Action - Sneaky Pete (ACTSP41)


Weight: 19 oz.

The competition won’t see you coming when you play with the Action Sneaky Pete cue. This affordable priced, yet highly effective, hustler cue is made of high quality, natural stained Maple and Cherry wood. Superior craftsmanship is masked behind a traditional design, making this cue ideal for beginners to advanced shooters who favor the compact, solid hit that comes from a wood-to-wood joint. Satisfaction is guaranteed with all Action cues.

Action - Impact (IMP34)


Weight: 19 oz.

13mm, 7 layered vacuum sealed proprietary boar skin tip 1" Fiber linen ferrule 29" hard rock maple, 10 - 12" pro taper, brass insert Black and natural composite Wood to wood with brass insert 5/16x18 None Geometric diamonds with white to merlot gradient overlay None, black transfer Geometric diamonds with white to merlot gradient overlay Natural composite with black Action logo Black rubber with Action logo Yes- Action weight bolt STRXS C

Action - Eight Ball Mafia (EBM13)


Weight: 19 oz.

A return to basics and for the ladies to boot, this Eight Ball Mafia cue draws from traditional tattoo styles for its \'burning heart\' overlay, all of which is encircled by a subtle, traditional wave pattern and centered with the infamous eight ball. The forearm and the plate are compost of contrasting blue and orange colors, making this Eight Ball Mafia cue a true standout.

Action - Impact - Jump End (IMP20)


Weight: 20 oz.

Oh Ireland, it\'s given us so many great, alcoholic, things: Guinness, Whiskey, Irish Cream, Van Morrison. As an homage to Ireland\'s many gifts, Action has created this beautiful new design full of Celtic knots and clovers, with a stainless steel joint that will keep you playing well no matter how many pints you lift.

As with all Action pool cues, you get quality craftsmanship at affordable pricing.

Athena - Women's (ATH04)


Weight: 19 oz.

This 57” cue, designed for women, uses its shorter length for a more normal balance point. The natural stained maple forearm features black, white and turquoise point overlays. Delicate turquoise hearts are featured in the black points as well as on the ebony stained maple forearm. Thin silver rings and a black Irish linen wrap with white specks ties the two sections together. The superior craftsmanship behind this cue provides a firm hit similar to a Joss or Schon cue...all at an affordable price.

A free 10" black hardwood extension is included to provide additional length for hard-to-reach shots. A one-year warranty on parts and workmanship is also included.