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McDermott - G606 Pool Cue (G606)


Weight: 19 oz.

McDermott pool cues are some of the most recognized products in the billiard industry. They are known for their quality construction, exotic woods, intricate inlays and limitless customization options. McDermott pool cues are proudly made in the U.S.A. and are covered by a lifetime warranty, which includes cue warpage.

McDermott - Pool Cue (G331)


Weight: 19 oz.

McDermott is an industry leader with it\'s use of the finest materials, quality craftsmanship and over 45 years of cue-making experience. The G331 cue is made with pride in the U.S.A. but is a celebration of the Irish spirit. This cue has an eye-catching mahogany-stained forearm, a butt plate with natural Birdseye Maple, green diamond wood clovers and let\'s not forget the genuine Irish linen wrap. Carry the Luck O\' the Irish to your next game.

Featuring McDermott\'s G-Core shaft, which uses CT technology and three-layer construction to enhance hit integrity, minimize vibration and allow you to maintain efficiency and accuracy.

McDermott - Pool Cue (G230)


Weight: 18 oz.

You really can\'t go wrong with a McDermott. They\'ve been making high quality cues for decades and it shows! The G230 comes equipped with their sought after G-Core shaft which utilizes a proprietary triple-layered carbon core to reduce deflection and feedback. This features wrapless birdseye maple construction and rich blue staining in the forearm and buttcap. 

McDermott - Pool Cue (G306)


Weight: 19 oz.

If you\'re looking for a McDermott with a unique look, then the G306 is the stick for you. This cue makes great use of the high-quality, exotic woods and materials that McDermott is known for, including a cherry stained birdseye maple forearm and a bocote and bubinga, which is African rosewood, sleeve. The G306 also features some really unique, white ivorene inlay which, to me, looks like a Polynesian fishhook. The white and black Irish linen wrap rounds out the look of this distinct cue. 

Also included with this cue is the incredibly advanced G-Core shaft with carbon-fiber technology. This adds tensile strength to the wood shaft to reduce deflection and increase your accuracy when shooting with english. 

McDermott - Pool Cue (G407)


Weight: 20 oz.

McDermott knocks it out of the frickity-frackity park with this gorgeous, must-own cue! This cue is so full of high-end decorative materials and innovative design, it\'s hard to know where to begin. Cocobolo crown rings set off natural and cherry-stained Birdseye Maple. Add in some Turquoise diamond inlays and you\'ve got yourself a visual stunner. What good would beauty be without the brains to back it up? 

McDermott\'s got \'em with the introduction of its low-deflection G-Core shaft which uses carbon-fiber technology to help ease your aim when using english. The shaft also features a pro-taper and a Navigator Black Medium tip to make every stroke feel smooth and controlled.

McDermott - Pool Cue (G416)


Weight: 20 oz.

If you\'re looking for a distinctive cue, look no further than the McDermott G416. This cue features traditional construction, with a twist. The birdseye maple forearm holds three wavy cocobolo points, and the butt sleeve has the opposite. This cue also has a buttery soft Irish linen wrap and comes standard with McDermott\'s coveted G Core shaft. 

McDermott - Harley Davidson Cue (HD42)


Weight: 20 oz.

I feel like this collaboration has been a long time coming. Both McDermott and Harley-Davidson are Wisconsin based companies, and they both make high quality products with a traditional American flavor. This cue features recognizable Harley imagery and comes with one of McDermott\'s coveted G-Core shafts. This cue is no novelty item, it\'s a high quality cue worthy of a top shooter, but that doesn\'t mean a Harley collector won\'t love it as well!